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Grymm Ramblings- Episode 6

And so the first month of Voodoo Walrus is at an end. Oddly enough six is how many episodes the previous VW comic ran before it fizzled out. Of course counting the profile updates there's really been eight updates of the new series though. Still, kinda odd.

-This would be the first comic I started trying to do more with various shades of black for contrast purposes.
-Yes, that's a washcloth wrapped around Grymm's goatee. Bowler had no towels small enough for him to properly wrap around it.
-I blame the appearance of a Yin-Yang table in Bowler's apartment on me listening to Fight Club while working on this episode.

Next week starts the brand new Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule just in time to close out this first little story arc!

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